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Satellite Office

Satellite Office


ZXY (pronounced as jizai) is the satellite office brand of Xymax. The brand concept stems from the Japanese word jizai (自在) which means a free state without bounds.

For workers who value their privacy or to working parents who need to carry their babies while working, we are able to provide a way of working freely that aims to fit everyone's needs.

We call XYMAX's satellite offices, ZXY.


  • 1

    Facilities providing single rooms ensuring privacy and security

  • 2

    Multiple locations covering the metropolitan areas

  • 3

    Charged per usage (No fixed cost)


Satellite Office "ZXY Share"

Located near residential areas to help reduce the burden of commute for workers.

Satellite Office ZXY Share
Kids' Space
Satellite Office Kids' Space

    Offered as an option, this is a manned kids playroom for working parent/s.

  • Feel at ease and concentrate well on work with the Work Space and Kids' Space Collaboration
  • With the presence of a nursery staff to look after the kids.
  • By supporting the child rearing generation, we are able to create an easy work lifestyle!
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