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We provide a one-stop real estate service, from planning to execution, according to the various issues and needs of companies while optimally utilizing and maximizing corporate real estate practices that adapt to the changes of time.


Expertise in real estate management with experience in managing more than 2,000 properties nationwide.
An independent company with a business model that is not only bound to real estate.
Foreseeing market changes and trends, we provide optimal strategies and support for companies while taking responsibility for execution.


Consulting Service

  1. Company Tailored Real Estate Management Strategies
    • We provide feasible and objective analyses and strategy proposals based on real data gathered through years of real estate management practices.
    • As an independent company, we take on a neutral and objective consulting standpoint.
    • We provide a one-stop comprehensive real estate service from planning to execution.
  2. Multiple-branch, multiple-site real estate management strategies
    • We maintain an excellent grasp of our client’s condition from contractual relationships of owned and leased chain stores to sales.
    • We investigate the potential of each real estate property according to the clients’ business strategies. We cover the basics of opening new stores, store management and closing stores, and we also provide support from overall strategy planning to execution for each client — to build an optimal real estate portfolio.

Our Services

  1. Real Estate Management
    • Tenant Management
    • Tenant Acquisition
    • Accounting and Reporting
    • Planning and Execution of Scheduled Repairs
    • Building Management
  2. Facility Management
    • Providing customized solutions based on our customer analysis
    • Centralized Management + Call Center Service
    • Serve as an intermediary headquarter
    • Provides a transparent systemized data management solutions for easy progress checks.
    • Cost-effective purchase and procurement Service
    • Energy saving solutions
    • Store branches’ management service
  3. Office Leasing Agency Service
  4. Property buying and selling support
  5. Asset Management
  6. Property Appraisal

Our Achievements

Properties Managed by Xymax in Japan

Real Estate Management

Facility Management

*As of the end of March 2024