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As our core business, we stand beside corporations that utilize real estate, and
handle all the various duties and challenges associated with it.

For most companies that use some form of real estate for running their businesses, real estates are assets that are inseparable from their corporate activities. Therefore, the strategy in positioning real estate in corporate management is vital, and it is our role to formulate and execute those real estate strategies that meet the various growth stages appropriate for the current state of the client company as well as looking forward to the medium-to-long-term management plans.

Companies that have a focused group that manages their owned and in use real estates are few and far between, while the majority have multiple groups and personnels to correspond to each business related to a wide range of real estate. As a result, effective operations and centralized management of information are more difficult to achieve, and there are cases when it is a challenge to come up with an appropriate strategy planning.

Furthermore, for real estate owners, it is their responsibility to provide the end-users, which are their employees and tenant, a safe, secure, and convenient environment. To fulfill this responsibility is a vital aspect from the corporate sustainability perspective.

In response to each of these challenges, XYMAX, as Japan’s leading company for property and asset management, stands beside real estate corporations and do the work for them in handling all the various duties and problems associated with anything real estate. Our aim is to be the real estate arm for Japanese corporations.

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