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REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTORS Masafumi Shimada / Kenji Yoshimoto
HEAD OFFICE 1-1-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
DATE OF ESTABLISHMENT March 1, 1990 (Spin-out from Recruit Co., Ltd.)
CAPITAL JPY 3,493,365,000
REVENUE JPY 109,049,000,000(As of March 2023)
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 7,760(As of April 1, 2024)
SERVICES Corporate Real Estate
Satellite Office
Hotel Business

Corporate Identity

Our Logo

The arabesque pattern, karaksa, symbolizes a vibrant life. The white swirl expresses continuous growth and development, while the green swirl exalts spirit estrusted in tomoe or magatama (traditional and ancient Japanese patterns). Both swirls describe a strong and prolonged partnership.
While the right angled lines describe cities, buildings, space, and environment like the stage where we operate.

Our Name

Both X and Y represent unknown variables. If we describe each letter between our valued clients and us, XY represents a constructive relationship. XY, which is pronounced as zai, means property in Japanese. We named our company, XYMAX with the hope of developing a strong relationship with our clients and to MAXimize their property’s value.