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Initial Phase
1982 (The burst of economic bubble in 1980)
Recruit Co., Ltd. establishes building operation department
1990 Economic bubble collapses. Banks started to have debt problems. Foreign investors start real estate investment in Japan.
Building operation department spin off into Recruit Building Management Corporation (RBM)
Accumulates knowledge on property management of office buildings.
Development Phase
2000 Securitization of real estate market expands.
RBM demerges from Recruit through management buyout, changes name to XYMAX Corporation
XYMAX expands to retail property management, integrated property and building management service, and providing property management services to life insurers, general business entities and individual property owners.
(The height of commercial complex developments in 2001. Range of real estate leasing expands in 2005. Apart from office, services are offered to commercial, logistics, hotels, nursing homes, among others.)
Expantion Phase
2010 Initiates business expansions mainly to Asian countries.
Acquires knowledge on asset management, forms Corporate Real Estate (CRE) strategies, and makes services available to a wider area.
Opens first overseas branch in Singapore.
Establishes Korean-based subsidiary, K-MAX Co., Ltd.
2015 (In 2013, announces the 2020 Summer Olympics is to be held in Tokyo
Japan relaxes visa requirements for tourists coming from East and Southeast Asia.
Massive shortage of hotel rooms in major cities.)
Starts ZXY, a satellite office business, designed for office workers and working mothers enabling them to work remotely.
2016 Launches the hotel brand, karaksa hotel, targeting foreign travelers.
2017 Establishes media company, Karaksa Media Partner Corporation (KMP)
KMP partners with media companies in Indonesia and Philippines.
2018 Opens Bangkok, Thailand branch
2019 Opens Myanmar Branch (Xymax Global Parther Co.)