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Kids' Space to be added to Xymax's Choku Choku… Mobile Work Office
A collaborative experiment with Recruit Holdings and Mama Square will start

Xymax Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masafumi Shimada) (hereinafter "Xymax"), together with Mama Square Inc. (hereinafter "Mama Square"), will be supporting the experiment conducted by Recruit Holdings (hereinafter "Recruit Holdings"). This experiment, which will be held at Xymax's Mobile Work Office Choku Choku… Shinagawa Higashiguchi, examines the effectiveness of workplace where employees can bring their kids. Recruit Holdings is a member company of Xymax's Mobile Work Office.

Thanks to the progress in ICT, working away from company's main office is now becoming part of everyday work. At the same time companies are trying to find a way to use workers of different backgrounds because the working-age population is declining. Under such circumstances, Xymax started the workplace service business since April this year. "Mobile Work Office Choku Choku…" is where business persons, who are away from the company's office, can work by using mobile devices safely. Our approximately 30 Choku Choku… offices are located near terminal stations of Tokyo and nearby prefectures.

Recruit Holdings, one of the clients of Xymax's Mobile Work Office, is working on to change the way of work of their employees. Xymax and Mama Square will collaborate and take part in the "Satellite Office with Kids' Space" experiment of Recruit Holdings. The experiment is conducted based on the challenge recognized by Recruit Holdings: "It is important to build an environment for employees with small children by removing their fear in balancing work and household tasks or childcare and by reducing their burden so that the employees can fully exercise their ability even with a limited time frame". More specifically, we are going to have a kids' space within our Choku Choku… Shinagawa Higashiguchi and the Mama Square's childcare staff will be there to look after the kids so that Recruit Holdings' employees can work there and look over their children through the glass wall.

The effectiveness of this new working style as a choice for workers with small children will be examined by each company: Xymax is to examine it from the view of suggesting ideas of flexible workplaces, which are suitable for new working styles, to companies; Mama Square is to examine it from the view of providing full-fledged services for school-age kids in addition to their current services for preschoolers; and Recruit Holdings is to examine it for its employees.

If proven effective, Xymax will use the result and know-how obtained from this experiment, expand the service to companies other than Recruit Group, and consider having kids' spaces in other Choku Choku… offices too.

The release by Recruit Holdings (Japanese only)

The release by Mama Square (Japanese only)

■ Place of Experiment

Location Sanwa Konan Building 1F, 2-4-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3-minute walk from the Konan exit of Shinagawa station)
Mobile Work Office Choku Choku… Shinagawa Higashiguchi
Open 8:00-20:00, from Monday to Friday
Office Details 15 desk booths / 2 online conference rooms (1 or 2 persons each) / 2 meeting rooms (max. 4 persons each) / telephone booths.
Equipped with multi-function printers, monthly lockers, free drinks, etc.
This office is only for the employees of member companies.
Charged based on time with no base charge.
Kids' Space Details Staff from Mama Square with childcare certifications will be stationed there.
They can look after up to 19 kids at a time.
Place of Experiment

■ Recruit Holdings

Name : Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head Office : 1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Since : August 26, 1963
Capital : JPY10 billion
Representative : Masumi Minegishi
Business : Strategy planning and management of the group

■ Mama Square

Name : Mama Square Inc.
Head Office : 3F Tsubosaka Building, 5-9-12 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Since : December 24, 2014
Capital : JPY129 million
Representative : Satoshi Fujishiro
Business : Operation and expansion of coworking space with childcare,
 day-care center for kids and restaurants, etc.
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