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First karaksa hotels in Tokyo
Names and Opening Dates Announced
Satellite Office with Kids' Space Network Starts Full-Scale Development
XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation Notice Concerning Approval for Listing of Investment Units on Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market


karaksa hotel to open its first in Tokyo
GRESB Real Estate Assessment: "Green Star" for Four Consecutive Years
XYMAX agreed an alliance with Genstar of South Korea
to introduce Japan's advanced real estate management methods to the Korean market
Joint Hotel Project in Shin-Osaka
Construction planning of "karaksa hotel Shin-Osaka Premier" (temporary name) started.
Establishment of Valor Max Co., Ltd.
XYMAX to open karaksa hotel Osaka Namba and karaksa hotel Sapporo
Number of hotels in Japan will be five in January 2018
XYMAX started using AI and LINE (chat app) in its Facility Management Services
XYMAX established XYMAX INFONISTA Corporation and reorganized Corporate Real Estate Strategy Business Department
Satellite Office with Kids' Space Network Shared by Companies – Experiment Started.
IoT in Building Maintenance Services – Joint Field Experiment Started


karaksa Spring hotel Kansai Air Gate
Conversion of Former Roadside Home Appliance Store to Hotel is Now Complete
Kids' Space to be added to Xymax's Choku Choku… Mobile Work Office
Consortium of Xymax and Nagoya Railroad to receive a contract from Nagoya City Traffic Bureau to operate the retail space at Fushimi station
GRESB Survey: Highest Rank "Green Star" for Three Years in a Row
Xymax Group Reorganization in October 2016
Xymax to start Mobile Work Office Business*1, a new business that supports a flexible working style
Xymax's Hotel Business
Property Revival Business: Convert Existing Stock and Achieve Highest and Best Use
Xymax Announces Director Change


Xymax to start Karakusa Real Estate Academy
Acquisition of an Office Building in Kita-ku, Osaka
Xymax Group Reorganization in October 2015
Japan's First Open-End Private REIT in Logistics Sector
Operations of SGREIT started
Xymax Real Estate Institute Joins the
MIT Center for Real Estate as an Industry Partner


Xymax Awarded Management Contract from M&G Real Estate
“Green Star Eawarded by GRESB
Xymax at REIW Asia 2014 24-26 June 2014 | Singapore


Xymax’s Akasaka 111 Building obtained a certificate based on SMBC Sustainable Building Assessment
Acquisition of Five Toyoko Inn Hotel Properties
Xymax’s Office Buildings Awarded DBJ Green Building Certification
SG Asset Max Corporation (SGAM)
Expansion of Xymax Headquarters Building
Acquisition of Taiyo Nissan Shimbashi Building
Acquisition of Shin-Hirakawacho Building
Xymax Tameikesanno Building
received CASBEE Certificate and
appeared on Green Building Online Portal.
Xymax to set up private fund
Co-investment in SPC to acquire an office property
Xymax Real Estate Institute
Acquisition of Musashino Towers
Xymax at Asia GRI
Xymax at MIPIM 2013
XYMAX announces establishment of subsidiary...
XYMAX Chinese New Year Event


PropertyEU Japan Investment Briefing
Xymax's Office Building Awarded a Sustainable...
Japan Investment Briefing in London on November...
Opening of Singapore Representative Office
Development of the model to estimate energy...
Notice of Acquisition of Shares in Abilitas...
Establishment of XYMAX FACILITIES Corporation
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