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Xymax Group Reorganization in October 2015

Xymax Group would like to greet you and thank you for your continued support.

We are proud to announce the group reorganization of our real estate management and building maintenance businesses in eastern Japan. The group companies will be reorganized as described below. The purpose of this reorganization is to provide our clients with an expanded range of higher quality services.

Up until now, Xymax Properties Corporation provided real estate management services in eastern Japan while Xymax Building Management Corporation and Xymax Maintenance Factory Corporation provided building maintenance services. From October 2015, all of these services will be combined into a new company Xymax Alpha Corporation which will then provide one-stop management services to our clients.

Consolidation Procedures

  • ・Xymax Properties Corporation's all the businesses except for the sublease business will be transferred to Xymax Building Management Corporation.
  • ・The remaining part of Xymax Properties Corporation (sublease business) will be absorbed into Xymax Corporation.
  • ・Xymax Maintenance Factory Corporation will be absorbed into Xymax Building Management Corporation.
  • ・Xymax Building Management Corporation will be renamed to Xymax Alpha Corporation.

As you know, in October last year, we combined our real estate management and building maintenance businesses in Kansai and Kyushu and established regional one-stop service companies, Xymax Properties Kansai Corporation and Xymax Properties Kyushu Corporation. These two companies will be renamed from October 2015 as follows:

Xymax Kansai Corporation (former name: Xymax Properties Kansai Corporation)
Xymax Kyushu Corporation (former name: Xymax Properties Kyushu Corporation)

Under our new structure, Xymax Group's directors, officers and employees are excited to work together to provide more than satisfactory services to our clients. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to the continuation of our relationship. Your opinions and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Masafumi Shimada
Representative Director
Xymax Group

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