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“Green Star” awarded by GRESB

We are delighted to announce that Yugen Kaisha Xymax Senpal, operated by Xymax Real Estate Investment Advisors Corporation, has been awarded a ”Green Star” by GRESB based on the survey.


Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), developed by a group of major pension funds in Europe in 2009, is a benchmark for assessing the sustainability performance of the real estate sector. The benchmark is based on the annual survey of real estate companies and funds. GRESB is used by more than 130 GRESB members consisting of pension funds and other institutional investors, funds and real estate companies with a combined capital of USD 8,900 billion as a reference for selecting investments or communicating with counterparts. Detailed release of the GRESB survey is available on the link below.

2.GRESB Survey Results

Yugen Kaisha Xymax Senpal was awarded “Green Star” based on the GRESB survey 2014.

“Green Star” is the highest of the quadrants in the GRESB survey. There were 637 participants worldwide for the 2014 survey, including 10 real estate companies and funds from the retail sector in Asia. Yugen Kaisha Xymax Senpal was 203rd in the world ranking and 3rd in the retail sector in Asia.

3.Sustainability and Xymax Group

Xymax Group and Xymax Real Estate Investment Advisors have established sustainability visions and policies and joined the GRESB survey from last year as part of the approach to the visions and policies. In this year’s survey, our “Risks & Opportunities”, “Monitoring & Environmental Management Systems”, “Performance Indicators” and “Stakeholder Engagement” were highly regarded.

For the sustainability visions and policies of Xymax Group and Xymax Real Estate Investment Advisors, please refer to the links below.

Xymax Group

Xymax Real Estate Investment Advisors (Japanese only)

Xymax Group will continue to pursue sustainability through environmentally-friendly real estate services with high yield, stability and continuity based on various scientific data.

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