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Xymax’s Office Buildings Awarded DBJ Green Building Certification

Xymax Akasaka 111 Building and Xymax Tameikesanno Building, both owned by Xymax Corporation, have been awarded DBJ Green Building Certification by Development Bank of Japan Inc.

1.DBJ Green Building Certification

DBJ Green Building Certification is a certificate given by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) to promote real estate properties that satisfy social needs of various stakeholders in real estate businesses ranging from environmental quality of the building to disaster prevention and security (“Green Building”). DBJ identifies and certifies buildings based on its original scoring system.

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2.DBJ Green Building Certification to Xymax Akasaka 111 Building

Along with the recent expansion of Xymax Akasaka 111 Building, the up-to-date energy-saving technology including solar power facilities and light control system for office space were installed to achieve good environmental practice. The building was highly regarded as a “building with excellent environmentally- and socially-friendly status” and was awarded the Gold 2013 certification.

Location 1-1-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Floors 10 floors above and 1 floor below ground
Site 944.76 sqm
Gross Floor Area 7,048.65 sqm
Building Completion September 2007 (new), August 2013 (expansion)

3.DBJ Green Building Certification to Xymax Tameikesanno Building

Xymax Tameikesanno Building, constructed 40 years ago, was highly regarded as a “building with very good environmentally- and socially-friendly status” because it maintains the value of the property through large scale renovation including the installation of LED lamp in the common area and water-saving toilet, and was awarded the Silver 2013 certification.

Location 2-4-2, Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Floors 9 floors above ground
Site 504.40 sqm
Gross Floor Area 3,664.98 sqm
Building Completion June 1973

4.Environmental policy of Xymax

In addition to the certification to the properties, Xymax’s specific energy use policy when the electrical power supply is short was also highly regarded. Xymax used its strength in complete real estate management services and studied the energy-saving of properties under its management after the 3.11 earthquake and developed a gradual energy-saving plan based on the studies.

Xymax Corporation continues to pursue environmentally sustainable buildings through scientific studies based on our wide-range of building management data.

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