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Media Business

Media Business

We provide high quality information about Japan to the Southeast Asian countries where economic growth and awareness of Japan continue.


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    Established our own media platforms to spread out Japan information from a local's perspective.

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    Partnered with major media players in Southeast Asian countries to effectively deliver information to their already existing network.

Background and Objective

The consistently growing number of foreign travelers and workers in Japan are believed to have a great impact on the Japanese economy, hence to the real estate industry.

While the number of visitors from East Asian countries grows constantly, Southeast Asian travelers to Japan show a remarkable increase.

Not only travelers but also the workers from Southeast Asia is considered as a key to replace the labor shortage in Japan.

However, we realized that these essential and reliable Japan traveler information are not sufficiently available, thus, we have decided to launch media platforms that will disseminate information that fits our target audience - aiming to increase further the interest and demand from each countries.


Currently, our contents are provided by KADOKAWA Corporation, a major publishing company in Japan. With the help of our media partners in Southeast Asia, we deliver these latest and reliable contents of travelling and living guide, that are translated to its language in a tone based on a local's perspective.


Contents are provided to SPOTJapan.ph of the Phillippines and OHAYO JEPANG of Indonesia
which they publish on a daily basis.

We have tied up with the following partners.

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