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OSAKA CITY | Office Stock Pyramid 2019

Xymax Real Estate Institute hereby releases its report on the Office Stock Pyramid 2019 covering Osaka City. The Office Stock Pyramid is a survey of buildings with a gross floor area of at least 300 tsubo used mainly for offices and indicates the breakdown of the rentable area and the number of buildings by size of the building and age. The Tokyo 23 Wards version*1 has also been released on the same day.

  1. *1TOKYO 23 WARDS | Office Stock Pyramid 2019, published January 23, 2019

1 tsubo = approx. 3.3 sq m

    • The office stock at the end of 2019 is 2.79 million tsubo on a rentable area basis, with small & medium-sized buildings and large buildings accounting for roughly the same amount: 1.39 million tsubo and 1.40 million tsubo, respectively (Figure 1).
    • On the basis of the number of buildings, the office stock is 1,717 buildings, of which small & medium-sized buildings account for 89% (1,527 buildings).
    • The average age of the buildings is 31.9 years for the entire stock, 32.3 years for small & medium-sized buildings and 28.8 years for large buildings.
    • Compared to the end of 2000, the rentable area will increase by approximately 0.37 million tsubo (approx. 15%) and the number of buildings by 62 (approx. 4%).
Figure 1: Osaka City Office Stock Pyramid 2019 (Net Rentable Area)
Figure 1: Osaka City Office Stock Pyramid 2019 (Net Rentable Area)
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