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Office Space per Person 2017
The office space per person was 3.81 tsubo.

Xymax Real Estate Institute surveys office building tenants on a regular basis to understand how companies are using the office. The office space per person of companies leasing typical office buildings (hereinafter "office space per person") is surveyed and analyzed annually. This report summarizes the survey results in 2017.

Survey Results

  • ● Office space per person of Tokyo 23 Wards in 2017 was 3.81 tsubo for all the tenants.
  • ● It was 3.94 tsubo for new tenants, exceeding 3.81 tsubo for existing tenants.

(1 tsubo = approx. 3.3 sqm)

1. Office Space per Person

We collected the data of tenant's office space size and the number of workers as of April 2017 and calculated the office space per person. The median of the data was 3.81 tsubo.

Figure 1 shows the office space per person by year. The size continued to decrease after 2011 and hit the record low of 3.80 tsubo in 2016. The size almost remained the same in 2017 with only a slight increase to 3.81 tsubo.

Figure 1: Office Space per Person in Tokyo 23 Wards 2008-2017
Figure 1: Office Space per Person in Tokyo 23 Wards 2008-2017
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