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Fact-Finding Study on the Opening & Closing of Commercial Outlets 2017

In partnership with the laboratory of Professor Yukio Komatsu of the Department of Architecture at Waseda University,*1 Xymax Real Estate Institute (hereinafter, "Xymax REI") conducted a questionnaire survey and interview with commercial operators (hereinafter, "operators") that operate or control multiple stores*2 on the opening and closing of commercial outlets. This report is a summary of the results.

The opening and closing of stores are the core element of operators' businesses and one of the most important real estate strategies. However, there are few quantitative analysis researches on the actual situation of operators' store openings and closures over a wide range of industries.

This report is a basic survey to uncover the actual situation of operators' store opening and closing strategies. We hope it would be useful data for investors, facility owners, and land owners in managing their properties and formulating operation policies, as well as for operators' store opening and closing strategies toward the future, amid accelerated changes in the environment surrounding commercial outlets.

  1. *1Laboratory of Professor Yukio Komatsu, Department of Architecture, Waseda University:
  2. *2Survey targets: Retailers, restaurant operators, entertainment providers, and service providers with net sales of 3 billion yen or more for the latest fiscal year surveyed by Tokyo Shoko Research (an overview of the survey is provided at the end of the report).
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