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Economic Value of Repair
Repairs that are well-planned and consistent have a positive impact on rent.

  • ● Office buildings are now used for a longer period of time and the value of the property will decrease (the "deterioration" of the value) for all the stakeholders: the landlords, investors, tenants and others. We must face this risk.
  • ● Well-planned and consistent repairs against such risk are important. Use the idea of the risk management. More specifically, the future risk should be analyzed first and then a repair plan should be prepared. Each repair should be performed in a timely manner (not all at once).
  • The new rent is 3%-7% higher for buildings with a repair plan and timely implementations of such plan; the data accumulated by Xymax revealed.
  • ● Repair is an important part of real estate management. It is not only about fixing the failure. Well-planned and consistent repairs can mitigate the risk of deterioration and give benefit to the building.
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New Research
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