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Office Space per Person 2016
Record low size (3.80 tsubo) and rent decrease

Xymax Real Estate Institute has been doing a study on office tenants to figure out how they use the office space. We analyze the size of the office space per office worker ("Office Space per Person") in typical office buildings in Tokyo every year. The result of the 2016 study is presented below.

Study Results

  • ● Tokyo 23 Wards Office Space per Person in 2016: 3.80 tsubo, a record low since the study started.
  • ● Tokyo 23 Wards Office Rent per Person in 2016: JPY 64,697 per month (incl. CAM charge)
  • ● These results were likely to have been influenced by the increase in the number of office workers following the recovery in corporate earnings.

(1 tsubo=approx. 3.3 sqm)

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New Research
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