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Electric Power Consumption by Office Tenants (September 2015)
The average of summer 2015 was 38.5 kWh/tsubo, a YoY decrease of 6.1%.

Xymax Real Estate Institute has been studying the volume of electricity consumed by office tenants in Japan on a continuous basis. The quarterly reports have been released since June 2013. The latest report covering the results for the period ending September 2015 is available now.

Findings from Research

The areas where electricity is supplied by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)

The electric power consumption in the summer of 2015 (July to September) was 38.5 kWh/tsubo;
a YoY decrease of 2.5 kWh/tsubo or 6.1% from 41.0 kWh/tsubo in the summer of 2014.

Research Overview

Definition Electric power per tsubo (3.3 sqm) consumed by a tenant in office buildings in a month.
Period January 2010 – September 2015 (data was collected every month)
Of tenants of office buildings managed by Xymax Group using the space as general office, we obtained valid data from approx. 3,000 tenants in approx. 300 buildings.
How to
  1. 1) Collect the monthly electric power consumption (kWh) of each tenant.
  2. 2) Adjust the preceding data to a five-day business week excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
  3. 3) Calculate the electric power consumption per tsubo (kWh/tsubo) by dividing the preceding data by the rentable area (tsubo).
  4. 4) Calculate the average amount for each electric power company.
  • ・Non-office tenants such as retail, warehouse and computer room tenants are excluded.
  • ・Electricity consumed for the area other than the tenant's exclusive area, such as the common area lights and elevators, are excluded.
  • ・Energy consumed for centrally-controlled air conditioners and gas heat pumps, where tenant-by-tenant calculation is impossible, is excluded.
  • ・The month of the data is the month of the meter reading, which is generally the 20th day of each month.
  • ・Extraordinary amounts (too high, too low) are identified as outlier and excluded.
  • ・The number of tenants varies month by month as tenants move in and out.

For the previous research, please refer to the report Electric Power Consumption by Office Tenants (June 2015) released on September 2, 2015.

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