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Office Space per Person 2015
Space per person is the smallest ever. Rent per person is on the increase.

Xymax Real Estate Institute is studying corporate tenants in office buildings to have a better understanding of how the office space is used.

This is the annual reporting of office space per person in a typical office building. The analysis focused on cost is also available with the survey of the rent per person (including CAM charge) started from last year.

For the result of the previous survey, see "Office Space per Person 2014" released on December 1, 2014.

Key Findings

  • ・Office space per person in Tokyo 23 Wards in 2015 was 3.87 tsubo, the smallest size since the survey began.
  • ・This result may be largely influenced by increased workers following the job market recovery.
  • ・Monthly office rent per person in Tokyo 23 Wards in 2015 started to increase and marked 65,192 yen.

(1 tsubo=approx. 3.3 sqm)

Survey Outline

Period 2009 – 2015 (surveyed annually)
Respondents Office tenants occupying the office buildings in Tokyo 23 Wards
Valid Response Accumulated: 6,000 tenants
829 in 2009
871 in 2010
894 in 2011
909 in 2012
987 in 2013
873 in 2014
637 in 2015
Calculation Method Estimated by dividing the tenants' office space and the monthly rent by the number of workers in the office. The median of each is referred to as "office space per person" and "office rent per person".
Notes Office space: Net rentable area specified in the contract including the desk area, entrance (reception area), conference rooms, refresh rooms, document rooms, storage rooms and exclusive-use corridors.

Rent: Rent including CAM charge

Number of office workers: Number of "users" of the office space as responded by the tenant.
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