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Projection of Future Repair Costs
of Tenant-Occupied Office Buildings in Tokyo
Market volume is expected to remain high after the Tokyo Olympic Games

Xymax Real Estate Institute made a projection of future repair costs of the tenant-occupied office buildings in Tokyo 23 Wards. As Japan's building industry is shifting from the traditional "Scrap and Build" to so-called "Stock Type" where buildings are more sustainable, a proper maintenance based on a medium- to long-term plan is essential in providing good office spaces for a long time to come. Xymax Real Estate Institute estimated the market volume of repair costs until 2054. (See Note 1 for the types of repairs covered in this study.)

For the next 20 years, the repair market of Tokyo 23 Wards tenant-occupied office buildings will continue to grow until the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and then remain high at around JPY 300 billion. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: Market Volume Projection: Repair Costs of Tenant-Occupied Office Buildings in Tokyo 23 Wards

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