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Office Space per Person 2014
Space per person remained flat. Rent per person was also calculated.

Xymax Real Estate Institute has been conducting surveys of corporate tenants in office buildings, in order to understand the actual use of office spaces.

This issue of the annual analysis of the office space per person in a typical office building covers the result in 2014. The rent per person (including CAM charge) was also calculated, as corporate tenants are increasingly more concerned about office occupancy cost.

The previous report, Office Space per Person 2013, released on May 22, 2014 is available online.

Key Findings

  • ● Office space per person in Tokyo 23 Wards in 2014 was 3.92 tsubo, remained flat in recent years.
  • ● Space per person differs depending on the location of the building and the business of the tenant.
  • ● Office space per person prior to relocating for expansion was 2.71 tsubo.
  • ● Monthly office rent per person in Tokyo 23 Wards in 2014 was 62,646 yen, decreased in recent years at a moderate rate.
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New Research
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