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Survey of Use of Office Space 2014
Actual use of office spaces and needs of office tenants

Xymax Real Estate Institute constantly interviews and surveys corporate tenants occupying office buildings managed by Xymax Group. This year, we conducted a survey to discover the actual use of office spaces and needs of office tenants. The results are summarized in this report.

Xymax Real Estate Institute will continue the study based on results from this survey and report more constructive information on use of office spaces and needs of tenants.

Key Findings

Actual Use of Office Space

Layout of Office

The area not used as desk space is used as conference room by 90% of the respondents, as reception space by 70% and as documents room or storage by slightly below 60% of the respondents. The most common response to the question of the proportion of the desk space to the overall lease area is 70%.

Changes in Number of Workers

40% of the respondents said the number of their office workers increased from 2013 while 10% said the number decreased. A certain number of respondents said the size of their current office is not appropriate.

Office Environment (Diverse Work Styles and Introduction of ICT)

Many companies have introduced ICT in office. 70% of the respondents introduced mobile work and wireless LAN, 50% introduced online or video conference system.

Disaster Prevention Measures

60% of the respondents said they have water stock, 50% said they have food stock. Other measures are introduced by less than 50% of the respondents.

Energy and Electricity Saving

“Cool Biz” and “Warm Biz” campaign was the most commonly implemented action, implemented by 70% of the respondents. Companies are implementing actions that are easy to adopt.

Office Building Needs

Important Criteria in Choosing Office Building

Affordable rent, proximity to the train station, earthquake-resistance of the building, and quality of cleaning, sanitary and maintenance services are important.

Systems or Functions Preferable Even If It Increases Rent

High marks were given to safety-related systems such as earthquake resistance, power supply for blackouts and emergency stocks and convenience-related systems such as bicycle parking areas and rental conference rooms.

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