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Quarterly Analysis of Free Rent (Tokyo Office)

Ratio of Free Rent Granted and Average Free Rent (Month) both show clear trends of decreasing.

The analysis of free rent is a study of current trends of free rent given to new lease. Xymax Real Estate Institute used the data of lease contracts collected through the group’s business activities and has so far released Ratio of Free Rent Granted (a percentage of new lease contracts with two months or more free rent in all the new lease contracts) and Free Rent Index (an index based on average rent-free period) for FY2012 and FY20131.

On this occasion, we have revised the calculation method of the analysis. From this issue, we will report Ratio of Free Rent Granted and Average Free Rent (Month) on a quarterly basis. To provide a more precise picture of the overall market, we will present a breakdown of rent-free period (one day and above / two months and above / six months and above) and the average free rent in actual months rather than the indexed data.

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New Research
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