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Energy Consumption and Cost in Office Building (June 2014)
Consumption remained flat. Price per Unit and Cost continue to increase.

Xymax Real Estate Institute has been studying the energy consumption and cost in office buildings in Japan and releasing the results on regular basis. The report covering January 2010 to March 2014 was released in June. This is an update report for June 2014.
・Monthly data (April 2009 – June 2014) is available at the end of this report.

Findings as of June 2014

■ Energy Consumption
15% lower than 2010, the low trend after the earthquake continued.

■ Energy Price per Unit
43% higher than 2010, the uptrend started in mid-2010 continued.

■ Energy Cost
21% higher than 2010, consumption remained flat but cost continued to increase due to increased price per unit

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