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Companies are grouped into four types
based on how they choose office space to rent.

What are the important criteria at the beginning and at the end of the office choosing process?

Xymax Real Estate Institute regularly conducts survey with office tenants in buildings managed by Xymax Group on various topics including how they chose their office.

This research report is based on the data obtained from the survey. We have analyzed the important criteria for when companies start considering an office space to rent and when they finally decide which office space to take. Below is the summary of the outcome.

Companies generally occupy an office space for an average of ten years; therefore it may be difficult for companies without a relocation team to accumulate how-to and knowledge in choosing an office space. This research report may be referred to by companies as a reference for efficient relocation, and also provides hint for building owners in making their office preferred to by future tenants. The clustering analysis in this analysis was jointly-conducted with the laboratory of Dr. Naoki Katoh, Professor at Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University.

Key Findings

  • ・Important criteria for office space vary by stage of office choosing process.
    • ・Earthquake resistance is now a must criteria.
    • ・“Area” “Office Size” and “Rent” are important criteria at the beginning.
      Final criteria are varied with some criteria more focusing on the impressive features.
  • ・We collaborated with the laboratory of Dr. Naoki Katoh at Kyoto University and grouped the companies into four types based on their criteria for office space.
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New Research
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