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Good Earthquake-Resistant Buildings Generate Higher Income: Statistical Study Explains
Based on the analysis of correlation between environmental performance and income

The real estate market is increasingly focusing on the environmental performance of properties. Various recently-started environmental certification programs also show such trends. However, how environmental performances influence the income had remained unclear. The income from the property is generally estimated based on factors such as location, size and building age.

Xymax Real Estate Institute therefore collaborated with the laboratory of Dr. Naoki Katoh, Professor at Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, to analyze the correlation between the environmental performance and income of office buildings based on the statistical method. We used the data of tenant-occupied office buildings in Tokyo and its income obtained from Xymax Group’s real estate services.

Key Points

1) This study aims to examine the correlation between each environmental factor and income. The environmental analysis is based on the scores derived from the CASBEE for Market Promotion.

2) In order to reflect the actual real estate market conditions in our analysis to the extent possible, we have included not only large-size buildings but also small- and medium-size buildings.

3) Two types of data are applied as indicator of the income: “Rent of New Lease” and “Rental Income”

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New Research
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