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Office Stock Pyramid 2014
Small and medium office buildings in Tokyo 23 Wards are rapidly aging.

Xymax Real Estate Institute compiled “Office Stock Pyramid” of Tokyo 23 Wards (Figure 1 in the PDF report). This pyramid chart, as in the population pyramid representing the distribution of age groups and gender in a population, shows the stock of office buildings (the rentable area and number of buildings) by the age of the building at a given point in time. In the chart, the office stock is divided into two categories: large-size buildings and small- and medium-size buildings for comparison.

Key Findings

  • ・Breakdown of Tokyo 23 Wards Office Stock Pyramid as of 2014 is:
    By Number of Buildings: Large Buildings 10%, Small/Medium Buildings 90%
    By Net Rentable Area: Large Buildings 54%, Small/Medium Buildings 46%
  • ・Average age of Large Buildings increased from 16.8 years in 2000 to 20.0 years in 2014, as the supply of large buildings continued even after the bubble years.
  • ・Average age of Small/Medium Buildings increased from 16.2 years in 2000 to 26.3 years in 2014, as supplies in the years following the large-supplied bubble years were small.
  • ・Ageing of small/medium buildings is more prominent than that of large buildings.

Small/Medium Building: GFA 300-5,000 tsubo (990-16,500 sqm) | Large Building: GFA over 5,000 tsubo (over 16,500 sqm)

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