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Energy Consumption and Cost in Office Building
Energy consumption decreased, but cost increased due to a 15% rise in price (from 2010).

Global warming and Great East Japan Earthquake have increased our awareness of energy use and its cost. However, there is not much quantitative data of the energy use in office buildings which also includes data of cost, making it difficult to grasp the current conditions of the energy use.

Xymax Real Estate Institute conducted research on energy consumption and cost based on our original data obtained through our real estate management services. Energy, in this study, is defined as electricity, gas, heat and oil.

Findings as of December 2013

・Energy Consumption
Sharp decrease after the 3.11 earthquake.
Remained at the same level (15% down from 2010) since then.

・Energy Price per Unit
Constantly rising since mid-2010.
As of December 2013, it is 36% higher than 2010.

・Energy Cost
Temporarily decreased but increased later by 15% from 2010,
reflecting low consumption volume and rising price.

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New Research
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