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Office Space per Person 2012 in Tokyo 23 Wards

Approximately 4 tsubo (13 sqm) per person but varies depending on type of business (1 tsubo=approx. 3.3 sqm)

Xymax conducted an office tenant survey in Tokyo 23 Wards on the size of lease space and number of workers in the office and analyzed the size of office space per person in typical office buildings using the data obtained in the survey.

Key Findings

Respondents: 3,503 tenants of Tokyo 23 Wards office buildings (accumulated total of 2009-2012 surveys)

The office space per person has remained flat at around 4 tsubo in recent years.

・3.91 tsubo
in 2009
・3.95 tsubo
in 2010
・4.00 tsubo
in 2011
・3.96 tsubo
in 2012

The office space per person varies depending on type of business.

・Financial & Insurance:
4.36 tsubo
・Academic Research & Professional Services:
4.41 tsubo
4.16 tsubo
・Information & Communications:
3.36 tsubo
・Other Services:
3.48 tsubo

(Note: all numbers are 2012 survey result)

Tenants expand or downsize their office spaces to achieve appropriate space per person.

before 3.05 tsubo → after 3.72 tsubo
before 4.24 tsubo → after 3.38 tsubo

Most companies are aware of the importance of the best and highest use of their corporate real estate (CRE) management in achieving appropriate resource allocation and maximizing corporate value. We hope that our findings in this study will be a useful guide for companies when they consider effective use of their office space.

Xymax will expand the coverage of this study and use the findings to provide tenant consulting services and landlord advisories to maintain and improve their rental income, and analyze the office market trends.

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