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Satellite Office with Kids' Space Network Starts Full-Scale Development
~ Utilization of train stations, commercial facilities, financial institutions, etc. for the development of all 15 offices in the metropolitan area. ~

XYMAX Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Kenji Yoshimoto, hereinafter "XYMAX") has set up a kids' space within XYMAX's satellite office, Mobile Work Office "Choku Choku…" (*) in collaborative experiment with Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., as "a mechanism for sharing child-care support satellite offices with multiple companies." Since we have confirmed the effectiveness of such a system through the experiments so far, we have decided to fully develop the child-care support type satellite office* with kids' space.

In addition to the two offices at Shinagawa Higashiguchi, and Saginuma which we have been experimentally working on so far, we will open the Izumi-Tamagawa office, the third office on April 26, at the Izumi-Tamagawa station on the Odakyu-Odawara Line. We plan to open a total of 15 offices in the metropolitan area for the year 2018. When opening a location, we plan to make use of not just the office, but also various spaces such as the station premises, commercial facilities, and financial institutions. By doing so, we can cover the main railway line in the metropolitan area extending from the city center to the suburbs, and we expect that most employees of the corporations will be able to work with their children within the vicinity of their homes.

Satellite Office with Kids' Space Network Starts Full-Scale Development
Satellite Office with Kids' Space Network Starts Full-Scale Development
*Left: Choku Choku...Izumi-Tamagawa Office Open Space, Right: Choku Choku...Shinagawa Higashiguchi Office Kids' Space

With the problem of many children on nursery school enrollment waiting lists in Japan and even with the recent countermeasures, for cases of sudden school cancellations for kindergarten and elementary schools, for long vacations such as summer vacations, and for urgent use of families who usually take care the children at home, these situations haven't changed for the working fathers and mothers who cannot take care of their children because of work. Our satellite office with kids' space enables one to go to work to a well-maintained working environment and acting as a safety-net-type of facility. One can, without risking work, make the balance with child-care possible. While these types of safety net facilities would prove valuable to corporations, it is difficult to achieve in reality, as it is inefficient to just create a number of offices to cover such a broad area. For that reason, by creating a mechanism that allows XYMAX to share facilities by many other companies, those companies will too be able to enjoy the value of the safety net.

It is possible to register for 1 unit*, and there is no limit to the number of registrations and offices. It can be used as a child-care support measure for many employees.

XYMAX will continue to support corporate reforms for real estate by providing a diverse, convenient work places for various working people aside from satellite offices that provide child-care support.

  • *XYMAX started Mobile Work Office "Choku Choku…" in April 2016. This is where business person can work safely with mobile devices when they are away from their corporate office. Our approximately 31 offices (as of April 25, 2018) are located near terminal stations in Tokyo and surrounding areas.
  • *There are kids' space available in some branches of Mobile Work Office "Choku Choku…" and here, certified child-care workers from Mama Square look after the kids while their parents concentrate on work in the office.
  • *Regardless of the number of units contracted, there is no limit to the number of people who can use it, as long as it is subjected to prior reservation. All kids' spaces can also be used. However, there is a limit to the number of children that can be taken care of per day per unit.
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