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XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation Notice Concerning Approval for Listing of Investment Units on Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market

XYMAX Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President : Kenji Yoshimoto, hereinafter "XYMAX") announces that XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation, hereinafter the “new investment corporation”, obtained an approval from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., to list its investment units on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market. The asset management of the new investment corporation is carried by XYMAX Real Estate Investment Advisors, which is one of subsidiaries of XYMAX.

Until now, XYMAX have managed more than 2,000 commercial properties, providing comprehensive real estate management services which covers from facility management and property management to asset management on one stop. In regard to real estate investment, the management know-how based on mid and long-term vision is essential for continuously gaining profit. Therefore, we believe that XYMAX’s ability of the comprehensive real estate management can be fully demonstrated in this filed. By utilizing various functions XYMAX has, the new investment corporation will maximize the value of real estate and increase investor profits to the utmost.

XYMAX holds the vision: "We will represent the real estate division of all the companies in Japan." This means that, instead of regarding real estate as merely one of the means for the financial investment, we provide planning and implementing services of CRE strategy for companies to make the most of real estate they actually own or occupy. It is because we recognize that real estate can be utilized for various objectives for companies, such as mapping out the asset strategy, reinforcing their business resource, and optimizing the property used for their business. This policy enables us to deal with a variety of properties and diversify our comprehensive real estate management services, which will also contribute for the new investment corporation in terms of improving the quality of facility management and bringing out various investment opportunities.

1. Investment Corporation

Company name XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation
Head Office 1-1-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of Establishment September 14, 2017
Registration October 31, 2017 (Registration No.131 issued by the Director-General of Kanto Finance Bureau)
Representative Nobohito Inatsuki, Director

2. Asset Management Company

Company name XYMAX Real Estate Investment Advisors
Head Office 1-1-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of Establishment August 6, 2007
Capital JPY 200,000,000
Shareholder XYMAX Corporation (100%)
  1. Financial instruments business engaged in Type I Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  2. Advisory business and discretionary investment management business related to real estate investment
  3. Asset management business of investment corporation
Representative Nobuhito Inatsuki, CEO
This press release is an announcement regarding the approval of listing and has not been prepared for the purpose of soliciting investments. Investors are advised to ensure that they read the prospectus for the issue of new investment units and secondary distribution of investment units, as well as its amendments, prepared by XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation prior to investing and that they make decisions on investment at their own responsibility.
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