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XYMAX established XYMAX INFONISTA Corporation and reorganized Corporate Real Estate Strategy Business Department

XYMAX Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masafumi Shimada) ("XYMAX") closed XYMAX ESTATE DESIGN Corporation and established XYMAX INFONISTA Corporation, a new company which provides real estate brokerage services to general business companies. At the same time, XYMAX reorganized CRE Strategy Business Department, a department which provides real estate strategy service to general business companies, and included this department within XYMAX.

1. Objectives & Background

Until now, XYMAX Group provided a wide range of services including office lease brokerage service and real estate strategy service to general business companies from XYMAX ESTATE DESIGN Corporation. Of the general business companies, retail companies and logistics companies received real estate strategy service from XYMAX's Corporate Real Estate Support Department.

Our business environment is changing rapidly. Developing a real estate strategy and implementing such plan became increasingly more important for general business companies. Such change insisted companies to change the way they use their real estate. Companies' real estate needs are now more diverse and more complex.

CRE Strategy Business Department, which provides corporate real estate strategy planning and support including the best use of properties and replacement of company-owned properties in line with their corporate strategy, was reorganized and became part of XYMAX (Corporate Real Estate Business Department and Retail Property Support Department). XYMAX INFONISTA Corporation, the new company, gathers real estate information not only that of office properties but also various other types. XYMAX completed this corporate reorganization, having in mind to promote the best use of properties (best for the community and also for the company) by finding new tenants/users or finding a new way of using the property.

XYMAX holds the vision: "We will represent the real estate division of all the companies in Japan". XYMAX's reorganization like this allows us to give stronger support for the corporate management of our clients.

2. Overview of New Company

Name XYMAX INFONISTA Corporation
Address XYMAX Akasaka 111 Building, 1-1-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Masataka Nakata, Representative Director
Capital JPY 50,000,000
Business Brokerage/representative/agent service in real estate transactions, leasing and management.
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