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Consortium of Xymax and Nagoya Railroad to receive a contract from Nagoya City Traffic Bureau to operate the retail space at Fushimi station

The consortium of Xymax Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) (Kenji Yoshimoto, CEO) and Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. (head office: Nakamura-ku, Nagoya city) (Takashi Ando, CEO) was awarded a contract to provide operation services for the retail space constructed under the Nagoya City Subway Fushimi Station Ekinaka Project*. The basic agreement was signed between the consortium and Nagoya City Traffic Bureau.

We will work together by combining the know-how of Xymax Group in planning, developing and leasing retail properties in Japan and the know-how of Meitetsu (Nagoya Railroad) Group in developing and operating shopping malls at train stations. Our goal is to increase the value of the Fushimi station and surrounding area and to make the retail space a loving place where local people and visitors gather around and be happy.
The details are provided below.

1. Location First basement concourse of Nagoya City Subway Fushimi Station
2. Open FY2019
3. Gross Floor Area Approx. 900 sqm
4. Concept "From Michi to Machi–Fushimi Crossing Place"
Many different things are mixed in the town of Fushimi. The entrance gate of Fushimi will be a place to have fun ("machi" or town); no longer a place just to pass by ("michi" or road).

* Nagoya City Subway Fushimi Station Ekinaka Project
("Ekinaka" literally means "within the premises of a station")
This is a project to create a new retail space at Fushimi station of Nagoya City Subway. The city's traffic bureau and a retail space operator will collaborate to invigorate the station while keeping the safety of the city bus and subway operated by the traffic bureau. The aims of the project are: to make the station a loving place where city bus and subway users and local people gather around and be happy; to provide quality services, and; to increase the income from the station.

The retail floor layout and the perspectives are provided in the appendix.

Retail Floor Layout

Retail Floor Layout
The tenant's space and location may be
subject to change.


South Side View from Central Ticket Gate
North Side View from South Ticket Gate
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