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Xymax Group Reorganization in October 2016

Thank you very much for your continuous support for Xymax Group.

This is to inform you about our plan to reorganize group companies in October. The purpose of this change is to serve our customers with an expanded range of quality services.

Real Estate Management Service Business

Xacu Techno Service Corporation will be split into two parts: the real estate management business in the eastern Japan will be taken over by Xymax Alpha Corporation and that in the Kansai area will be taken over by Xymax Kansai Corporation. After this change, the real estate management and building maintenance services of Xymax Group will be combined by region and provided as "one-stop service" in each area (the eastern Japan, Kansai and Kyushu).

Facility Management Service Business

Xymax Facilities Corporation will merge with Xymax Alpha Corporation. All the businesses and rights/obligations of Xymax Facilities Corporation will be taken over by Xymax Alpha Corporation. After this merger, Xymax Alpha Corporation will have the sales function of the facility management business for the entire Japan and will provide the facility management services for the eastern Japan (the area east of Nagoya). In the areas west of Nagoya, the facility management services will continue to be provided by Xymax Kansai Corporation and Xymax Kyushu Corporation.

All the directors and employees are looking forward to working under the new organization to make our customers more successful.

August 2016

Masafumi Shimada
Representative Director
Xymax Group

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