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Xymax to start Mobile Work Office Business*1, a new business that supports a flexible working style
Our new type of office "Choku Choku…"*2 is for companies who are pursuing new ways of working. More "Choku Choku…" will open one by one.

Xymax Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masafumi Shimada, hereinafter "Xymax") started a new unit, Mobile Work Office Business. In recent years, with the progress in ICT and the shrinking working-age population in Japan due to aging and low birth rate, companies became more active in seeking new ways of working and improvements in work efficiency so that more employees can demonstrate their ability at work. Xymax's new business provides a safe and secure office space for corporate employees to do mobile work.

Thanks to the progress in ICT, business persons now often use mobile computers or tablet devices when they are away from the main office. What Xymax is going to provide is a safe and secure place to do such mobile work. For those business persons, our service offers a safe environment which keeps the highly confidential works or communications with the headquarters or with the clients using mobile devices safe and secure.

Following the working-age population decline, companies are gradually trying to introduce or enhance a program for employees with restrictions on work hours such as those with small children or families with care needs. Many companies have introduced or are considering a work-from-home program. In addition, companies are also interested in having offices near where the employees live or near where the care center or nursery center is situated. These new approaches are expected to improve the balanced work life by reducing the burden of the companies and employees.

"Choku Choku…", a new type of convenient, secure and safe office space provided by Xymax, is established in response to such changes in the social environment. So far, eight "Choku Choku…" offices have opened mainly in the Tokyo's central office areas and near terminal stations in the outskirts. More of them will follow in the said areas as well as in residential areas.

As mentioned, "Choku Choku…" is a new type of office with the highest possible security settings so that companies and business persons feel safe when using the space. Each office is equipped with various functions including individual booths, sound-insulated meeting rooms, telephone booths, cloud multifunction printers with low risk of data leakage, and encrypted wireless LAN. The security entrance system only allow the registered employees of the contracted client companies to enter; therefore users feel safe as there are always only the identified users in the place. The client companies are charged based on time of use; a simple and easy charging method for the companies and users.

As of now, approximately 4,000 employees of 300 companies have registered as users of the mobile work office "Choku Choku…". Among them, Recruit Group has already introduced a remote work program within the group and is one of the most enthusiastic companies in working style innovations. In April this year, the group entered into a partnership agreement with Xymax ahead of the start of the group's feasibility study of whether the satellite offices can be useful in changing the working style. The employees of Recruit Group will mainly use our "Choku Choku…" as their satellite office.

Xymax will, with our skills and knowledge in real estate business, continue to support companies trying to change the ways of working.

*1 Mobile Work Office Business
Xymax's new business segment which arranges an office space on demand in the area and for the time requested by employees of contracted client companies. This office space is different from the ordinary offices such as those under a lease contract with fixed location, size and period.

*2 "Choku Choku..."
We named our new type of office space "Choku Choku…".
"Choku choku" literary means "frequently" in Japanese.

There are several more meanings included in this name:
It is a place equivalent to the company's second office (or satellite office) which is used "frequently" by office workers in recent years;
It is also a place where office workers visit "frequently" between appointments to optimize the time; and "Choku" also comes from "chokko chokki" which means, in a Japanese workplace, going to a particular place from home and then returning home without stopping by the main office.

Facilities available in "Choku Choku..."
  • In Individual Booth, no one can look over your shoulder and see what you are working on.
  • Telephone Booth offers a sound-insulated space. When you are using the phone or conference system to talk to your head office or clients, your voice will not be heard by other users.
  • Cloud Multifunction Printer keeps your data safe. The printer does not store your data.
  • Encrypted Wireless LAN
  • The sound-insulated Meeting Room is a place to hold a meeting with your boss, colleague or client without being overheard by other users.
  • Only those who have registered as a user can unlock the Security Door with his/her smartphone or with the tablet device provided at the entrance.
  • Users can use Monthly Locker to store their computers or promotion goods.
Charge Charged based on time of use of the registered users
JPY200 per every 15 minutes per space/booth
Location As of April 14, 2016 Shinbashi, Yaesu, Shinagawa Higashiguchi, Shinjuku Nishiguchi, Shibuya Dogenzaka, Ikebukuro Higashiguchi, Akasakamitsuke, Omiya Nishiguchi
By the end of July 2016 (Plan) Kashiwa Nishiguchi, Kichijoji, Ueno, Machida, Tachikawa, Shibuya Miyamasuzaka, Nishifunabashi, Kawasaki Higashiguchi
Other areas (Plan) Yokohama, Akihabara, Kudanshita, Musashikosugi, Tsukishima

■ Logo of "Choku Choku..."

Choku Choku…

■ Pictures of "Choku Choku..."

● Security Door
Security Door
● Individual Booth
Individual Booth
● Sofa Space
Sofa Space
● Telephone Booth
Telephone Booth
● Meeting Room
Meeting Room
● Locker
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