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Xymax to start Karakusa Real Estate Academy


Real estate has always been the social infrastructure that is essential for our life and activities. In this rapidly changing world, how to use the real estate is becoming even more important for the society, companies and individual persons because it impacts our life and business. From now on, the future of real estate should be considered based on all the social and economic changes such as globalization, declining population, declining birthrate, aging society, more women in workplace, working style change, progress in ICT and aging of buildings.

Therefore, for the years to come, real estate industry needs professionals who are well aware of all the issues surrounding us and can act based on forward-looking ideas. Unfortunately there is no place to train such future leaders in the real estate industry in today's Japan, but it is obvious that we need it for the continuous growth of the industry, which is one of the most important industries in Japan, and for the growth of the society through it. Companies will also need experts who can use their strategic real estate approach for corporate management.

That was the background of Xymax's decision to start an academy "Karakusa Real Estate Academy". We feel it is necessary to train future leaders as part of our efforts for "seeding for the future". Those willing to take part in making a better future through real estate will gather in the academy and inspire each other. Our academy is a place of learning through communications and discussions and a place for participants to think about the future of the real estate as well as the society.

Xymax Real Estate Institute will be the organizer of the academy. Professor Kiyohiko Nishimura from Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo (former Deputy Governor of Bank of Japan) and Professor Chihiro Shimizu from Institute of Real Estate Studies National University of Singapore will be the advisors of the academy. Lecturers who agreed to our idea of starting the academy will collaborate with us.This is a new challenge for the further growth of the real estate industry. We appreciate your understanding of our idea and your support for us. Thank you.

Lecture Themes & Lecturers

Theme Lecturer / Position
(1) Keynote Lecture
Kiyohiko Nishimura / Professor of Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Former Deputy Governor of Bank of Japan
(2) Future of Real Estate & Our Society
Real Estate – point of view
Value of Real Estate – point of view
Yoshio Nakayama / Director of Xymax Real Estate Institute
Real Estate Market – point of view Chihiro Shimizu / Professor of Institute of Real Estate Studies, National University of Singapore
Growth of Existing Building Stock – point of view Atsushi Yoshida / Principal Researcher of Xymax Real Estate Institute
Real Estate Strategy for Company Toshimasa Itaya / President of Property Data Bank, Inc.
Yoshio Nakayama / Atsushi Yoshida
Office Market Transformation Yoshio Nakayama / Director of Xymax Real Estate Institute
Housing in Declining Population Takahiro Noguchi / Representative Director & President of Recruit Sumai Company, Ltd.
Aging Society & Health Care Business Keiichi Owari / Representative Director & Partner of KPMG Health Care Japan K.K.
Retailers & Changes in Consumer's Behavior Provided by Xymax Corporation
Deepening Logistics Real Estate Business Toshiaki Tsuji / Representative Director of Japan Logistics Field Institute, Inc.
Global Hotel Management from Four Different Views Masaru Tanaka / Head of Hotel Industry Management Academy, The Japan Education Centre for the Hotel Industry / Former General Manager of InterContinental Hotel in Tokyo and Yokohama
Public Real Estate (PRE), PPP and PFI – Current Conditions & Challenges Nobuhiro Naito / Visiting Professor of Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo
Real Estate Topics & Role of Government Kaname Uchida / Former Deputy Director-General of Local Revitalization, Cabinet Secretariat / Former Director-General of Land & Construction Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
City Planning & Real Estate Katsuya Uozaki / Associate Professor of Real Estate Science Studies, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Looking Back 25-Year of Growth of Real Estate Capital Market Shuji Tomikawa / President & CEO of Mitsui Fudosan Investment Advisors, Inc.
Real Estate Business in Next 10 Years Eiji Enomoto / Director & Senior Operating Officer of Nomura Real Estate Urban Net Co., Ltd.
Global Real Estate Trends: USA Miyuki Yamamoto / Managing Director of Sun Pop International Corporation
Global Real Estate Trends: China & Taiwan Chie Hishimura / Director of Asian Asset Research
(3) Skills & Training
IT Revolution – "Gap can be a chance. Corporate culture that can achieve innovation" Makoto Arima / Representative Director of MAK Corporation / Director & Chairman of AdRoll / Former Representative Director of Google Japan K.K.
Innovative Power / Flexible Thinking Manabu Kurata / Representative Director of Asobu To Manabu
Innovative Power Takashi Inoue / President & CEO of Next Co., Ltd.
Presentation Skills +
Business Tips from Rakugo – Introduction
Dankei Tatekawa / Master of Rakugo Storyteller
"Analogy Thinking" to Anticipate the Future Isao Hosoya / Business Consultant

The themes may be subject to change later.

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