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Acquisition of Shin-Hirakawacho Building

Xymax Corporation (“Xymax”) acquired an asset described below.

The acquired property, completed in 1991, is an elegant stone-walled office building in a convenient area with five subway lines.

Since its establishment in 2000, Xymax has been providing total real estate management services with its group companies, as well as providing corporate real estate consulting services.

Xymax Group has been working on stable long-term private fund businesses since last year and will study possibility of use of this acquired property in the fund businesses.
Xymax is also intending to use this property to enhance our service lines, offering a choice between leasing and owning property in accordance with client’s real estate strategy when the country is pursuing inflation policy.

The acquired property will be managed by Xymax Axis Corporation and Xymax Building Management Corporation.

Acquired Asset

Name Shin-Hirakawacho Building
Address 2-5-6 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • ・1-minute walk from Nagatacho station
  • ・5-minute walk from Akasakamitsuke station
  • ・7-minute walk from Kojimachi station
Gross Floor Area 1,760.83 sqm
Building Completion 1991
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