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XYMAX Chinese New Year Event
February 21, 2013 | Singapore

Nearly 60 global real estate professionals from investment firms, law firms and accounting firms based in Singapore participated in our Chinese New Year Event on February 21.

Xymax gave presentations on:
1) Real estate market trends in Japan,
2) Investment opportunities and risks in the Japanese real estate market, and
3) Unique real estate practices in Japan, including the lease contract and role of real estate managers.

The world’s investors, especially core investors looking for long-term investment, are now starting to focus on the Japanese real estate market after a long downtrend in Japan. Before our presentations, Mr. Ando from the Embassy of Japan in Singapore also encouraged investors in his welcome remarks to enter the Japanese real estate market. He also explained about the new Abe administration’s economic policy.

The aim of this event was to enhance global investor’s understandings of the Japanese real estate market, which could be a great help for such investors considering investment in the Japanese real estate market.

Xymax is a real estate company in Japan providing all-round management services in-house. Our presentations were based on our experience and data accumulated over time.

Through events like this Xymax will continue to promote investment in the Japanese real estate market and help global investors by providing investment opportunities and real estate management.

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