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PropertyEU Japan Investment Briefing
November 13, 2012 | London

Xymax Corporation’s head of Global Marketing Department Ryuhei Mori gave a presentation and joined the panel at Japan Investment Briefing hosted by Europe’s leading real estate magazine publisher on November 13, 2012 in London.

Japan remains a faraway country in the Far East for investors in Europe and is less likely to be included in the list of potential investment location as compared to the US. The London event targeting UK investors was held to introduce Japan particularly Tokyo which is a distinct core investment market in Asia.

Participants keenly questioned about many differences between the real estate business practices in Europe and those in Japan. The discussion was heated at times. Xymax Corporation, as a professional in Japan’s real estate business, received favorable reactions from investors at the event.

The latest December issue of PropertyEU magazine covers what were discussed in the Japanese market presentation of which Xymax Corporation was the main speaker and the panel discussion.

The overall program at the event is available on the website of PropertyEU:

Xymax Corporation Global Marketing Department continues to work on marketing Japan at overseas events following the positive responses we received at the event in London.


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