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Establishment of XYMAX FACILITIES Corporation

On April 1, by way of a company split under the Companies Act, the facility management business of XYMAX Building Management Corporation was spun off to form “XYMAX FACILITES Corporation” (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter, the “Company”), a 100% subsidiary of XYMAX Building Management Corporation. Based on the track record and expertise in managing properties of chain store operators, we aim to create values for our clients and provide better services by seeking specialty services.

Company Name XYMAX Facilities Corporation
Head Office XYMAX Tameike Sanno Bldg.
2-4-2, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business start date April 1, 2012
Capital JPY 50,000,000 (wholly owned by XYMAX Building Management)
Executive Directors
Representative Director
Kenji Yoshimoto
Shigeki Kawakita
Hideki Kosaka
Shuichiro Yamaji
Corporate Auditor
Shotaro Kanemitsu
Business outline Facility management

Features of XYMAX FACILITIES Corporation

FM Call system

  1. ① Human resources can be centrally allocated to main business by minimizing resources to non-core business activities.
    ・Coordination with subcontractors and billing to them will be centralized to the Company while     there were previously managed by areas/industries.・Inquires from retail stores on facilities and equipments will be centralized to a call center,
    thereby reducing the workload at the head office.
  2. ② Major reduction in outsourcing costs by leveraging the Company’s economies of scale.
  3. ③ Progress of requested services can be monitored through a web system at any time.
  4. ④ Accumulated data (frequency of trouble occurrence and repair details/cost) are analyzed /evaluated to formulate a repair plan/improvement measures on and after the next year.

Outsourced FM services

  1. ① The Company’s staff will undertake strategic FM on behalf of the head office. By optimizing cost and store management specifications, the head office can centrally allocate its personnel to main business.
  2. ② The Company generally assesses day-to-day operations, reviews the operational flow and proposes an improvement plan. We undertake head office operations including process management, quality management, supplies management and budgeting, creation of a repair plan and proposal of improvements plans for each store.
Introduction of FM Call System
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