Recruit Co., Ltd. established a building operation department.
The building management/operation department spun off into Recruit
Building Management (RBM)
RBM demerged from Recruit through a management buyout and changed
its name to Xymax Corporation

Major milestones

Initial Phase (1990s)

  • Accumulated building management experience when Xymax (formerly RBM) was
    a part of Recruit
  • Established property management business
  • Started property management business for office buildings

Development Phase (2000s)

  • Expanded into retail property management business
  • Started providing property management services to life insurers, general business entities,
    and individual property owners
  • Promoted “PBM service” which is an integrated property management
    and building management service

Expansion Phase (2010-)

  • Accumulated expertise by participating in financial institutions’ NPL disposal and CRE
    strategies of general business entities
  • Entered into real estate investment/asset management businesses
  • Launched a local corporation in Korea, expanding business in Korea with Xymax’s
    expertise accumulated in Japan.
  • Opened a branch in Singapore as marketing arm.
  • The property management division was divided into regional companies to enhance
    management system for local properties.
  • Launched a new hotel brand “karaksa hotel” designed for tourists from abroad.
  • Started hotel business alliances with Robinsons Land (a company under JG Summit Group,
    the conglomerate of the Philippines) and with Shanghai Spring Investment Management
    (a company under Shanghai Spring Group, the leading travel and airline group in China)
  • Opened remote working spaces "Choku Choku" for business persons and working mothers. Approx. 30 locations across greater Tokyo.
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