Corporate Identity

Company name

Both “X” and “Y” letters represent the unknown variables.
If we compare each letter to our valued clients and us,
“XY” represents constructive relationship between us. “XY” (‘zai’)
also stands for property in Japanese.
We named our company XYMAX wishing to develop further our
relationship with our clients and to maximize (“MAX”)
their property value.

Message behind our company logo

With a motif of arabesque pattern (“karakusa”) symbolizing
vibrant and alive life, we expressed

  1. 1) continuous growth with a white swirl
  2. 2) exalted spirit entrusted in “tomoe” or “magatama” (traditional
    and ancient Japanese pattern) with a green swirl
  3. 3) strong partnership with adjoining white and green swirls

The right angles/lines show “cities, buildings, space and
environment” where we operate.

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